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Mikasa Crystal 8 inch Cut Stemmed Cordial Glasses

GL209429 $31.99
This amazing set of 2 Mikasa Crystal 8 inch cut stemmed cordial glasses new are in perfect excellent condition.  The beautiful cut crystal vertical detail on the bowl and six sided stem and base make this set absolutely amazing.  They are crystal clear, bright and have a beautiful ring to them.  The new tags are attached.  We are not sure of the pattern.  This set is so beautiful that you will want to proudly display…

Josair JOS20 Crystal Cut Panels Thumbprint Water Glasses

GL209734 $59.99
This amazing set of 5 vintage Josair JOS20 crystal cut panels thumbprint water glasses, are in excellent condition.  They are simply beautiful with the cut panels going up the base of the goblets.  They taper at the top and narrow at the bottom which makes them so elegant along with the 6 sided stem and rounded base.  They are very bright, sparkly and crystal clear with a beautiful ring.   They have the etched crown Josair…

Grey Goose Vodka Martini Glasses

GL209852 $24.99
This great set of 2 Grey Goose Vodka martini glasses, are in excellent condition and look new.  They are crystal clear and sparkly with the etched goose on the front and Grey Goose with goose etched on the stem base.  The etching is bright and crisp.  This stunning set is perfect to add to your current collection or to begin your collection.  Beautiful glasses!! Details: 3 inches diameter top x 2 3/4 inches diameter base…

Fostoria Rose 6036 Cut Crystal Champagne Sherbet Glasses

GL209999 $29.99
This stunning set of 5 vintage Fostoria rose 6036 cut champagne sherbet glasses, are in excellent condition.  The 827 cut rose design and glass is bright, sparkly and clear with fantastic detailing.  The 6036 stem has beautiful rounded curves that fit beautifully in your hand.  They have such a beautiful ring to them.  Fantastic set that will make great replacement pieces or additions to your current set.  Fantastic set!                 *** Please check out…