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Grand Marnier Etched Logo Base Martini Rocks Cocktail Glasses

GL209261 $31.99
This beautiful set of 4 Grand Marnier etched logo base martini rocks cocktail glasses are in excellent condition.  They are clear, crisp and sparkly.  This unique design has a flared top with a weighted base that has the Grand Marnier name etched into it.  Absolutely stunning set.  Add these to your bar collection today.     Details: 4 1/8 inches diameter top x 1 7/8 inches base x 3 1/2 inches tall 8 oz   Excellent…

Mikasa Diamond Fire Whisky Bourbon Decanter

MS21394 $35.99
This wonderful Mikasa Diamond Fire whisky bourbon decanter cork stop tags is new, never used and in the box.  It comes with the glass decanter, the cork stop and both tags that are still sealed in their plastic bags.  The decanter is bright, crystal clear and sparkly.  Keep for your self or give as a gift.  This great piece will look wonderful on display.  Great piece!!           *** See our Mikasa Park Lane old fashioned…

Chivas Regal Gold Shield Rock Lowball Glasses

GL208773 $20.99
This great set of 4 Chivas Regal gold shield rock low ball glasses will be the perfect addition to your next party or to add to your current collection of bar ware.  They are in excellent condition being bright, clear and shiny.  The gold shield is very clear and bright.  One having some very minor wear.  Beautiful cut a way wedge bottom.  They are embossed with France on the bottom.  Wonderful set. Details: 3 1/8 inches…

Rosanna Jazz Age Champagne Cocktail Coasters

GL210083 $19.99
This rare set of 4 Rosanna Jazz Age champagne cocktail coasters are in excellent condition.  The images are clear and bright with a different champagne cocktail recipe on each coaster.  This set is rare and would be a great addition to your next party.  Each has the Rosanna mark on the back.  Don’t miss out on this great set!! Details: 4 3/8 inches diameter x 1/2 inch tall Porcelain Rosanna Excellent clean pre owned condition…

Cazadores Tequila 100% De Agave Crisa Heavy Base Shooter Glasses

GL210087 $37.99
This fantastic set of 4 Cazadores tequila 100% De Agave Crisa heavy base shooter glasses are in excellent condition.  They are crystal clear, bright and sparkle.  Each has the black and red Tequila Cazadores 100% De Gave logo on the front which is without wear.  Has the Crisa mark on the bottom.  They are the perfect heavy based shooter glasses to add to your bar collection or give as a gift.  Wonderful set! Details: 2…

A World of Thanks Etched Thank you Merci Gracias Bourbon Whiskey Glasses

GL210091 $33.99
This wonderful set of 4 A world of Thanks Etched Thank you, Merci, Gracias Bourbon Whiskey Glasses are New, perfect condition and boxed.  They are crystal clear and sparkle.  They have a heavy base with etched A world of Thanks on the bottom and Gracias, Merci, Thank you, Arigato and Dziekuje etched in the front of the glasses.   Each glass also has an individual bold thank you on the front.  One is Thank you, One…

Crown Royal Heavy Bottom Rocks Whiskey Glasses

GL210105 $30.99
This set of 4 Crown Royal heavy bottom rocks whiskey glasses are in excellent condition with the glass being bright and clear. These glasses are of heavy weight base with the inside glass bottom being rounded.  Each glass weighs over 13oz.  On the bottom of each glass has embossed pillow with crown Italy. Great set to add to your current barware collection or give as a gift.   A must have! Details: 3 inches diameter x…

Suspended Bubble Heavy Bottom Crystal Clear Rocks Cocktail Glasses

GL210112 $27.99
This unique set of 4 suspended bubble heavy bottom crystal clear rocks cocktail glasses are in excellent condition.  They are very bright, crystal clear and sparkle in color.  No stains, chips, or cracks. The perfect set to add to your current collection or new glasses that will create great conversation discussing the suspended bubble in the base.  Add these to your collection today.  Very nice glasses!! Details: 3 1/4 inches diameter x 3 3/4 inches…

Hencho En Mexico Hand Blown Cobalt Blue Teal Swirl Tumbler Glasses

GL210129 $39.99
This great set of 4 Hencho En Mexico hand blown cobalt blue teal swirl tumbler glasses are in excellent condition.   They have a beautiful swirl wave design with one wave being cobalt and the other being a teal blue shade that is clear and bright in color.  Heavy with variations in size, shape, bubbles, thickness, height and color as hand blown glasses are.   This set will be a wonderful addition to your glassware collection.  Don’t…

PF Chang’s Kirin Ichiban Etched Prime Brew Pilsner Beer Glasses

GL210147 $34.99
This fantastic set of 4 PF Chang’s Kirin Ichiban Etched Prime Brew Pilsner glasses are in excellent condition.  Look to have never been used.  They are crystal clear and sparkle.  The etched design is clear and crisp. The perfect set to add to your current collection or give as a gift.  Add these hard to find glasses to your collection today.  Fantastic!! Details: 2 7/8 inches diameter top x 2 1/4 inches diameter bottom x…

Johnnie Walker Walking Man Embossed Square base Rocks Lowball Whiskey Glass

GL210149 $19.99
This wonderful hard to find Johnnie Walker Walking Man embossed square base rocks lowball whiskey glass is in excellent condition and looks like new.  It is crystal clear and sparkles.  The bottom of the glass has the embossed Johnnie Walker and Walking Man with cane.  Also, has the embossed Italy mark.  Great piece to add to your current barware collection or use as a replacement.   Don’t miss out on this wonderful hard to find glass!!…

Glenlivet Scotch Tulip Snifter Rocks Glasses

GL210157 $19.99
This set of 4 Glenlivet scotch tulip snifter rocks glasses are in excellent condition.  The glasses are brilliant and clear.  They are a tulip curvy design that fits perfectly in your hand.   The bright, clear etched logo has the Glenlivet and est. 1824 on the front of each glass.  Great set to add to your current barware collection or use as replacements.   A must have! Details: 2 1/2 inches diameter top x 3 inches diameter…